Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Offset Medical Costs With Hospital Indemnity Insurance

A hospital stay can be expensive and can happen at any time due to unexpected illnesses or injuries. Even with medical insurance, out-of-pocket expenses such as deductible costs, rehabilitation, and transportation can add up quickly. Hospital indemnity insurance, also referred to as hospitalization insurance or hospital insurance, can protect you from steep out-of-pocket costs.

At Mocombe Financial Services, our brokers can help you fill gaps in your medical insurance coverage by finding you a hospital indemnity plan that provides cash to help cover deductibles, pharmacy prescriptions, and other non-covered expenses that may arise from hospital stays. With this added financial protection, you can dedicate energy toward getting well instead of worrying about bills. Contact us today to learn more about hospital indemnity insurance or to schedule a consultation with our insurance brokers.

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Why Partner With Mocombe Financial Services for Hospital Indemnity Insurance

  • Over two decades of experience working with medical insurance providers

  • Finds and compares hospital indemnity plans to find you the best option

  • Customizes policies and helps prepare for unexpected expenses

  • Offers an easy, hassle-free enrollment process

  • Ensures that you receive additional financial support when you need it most

  • Can tailor plans to complement any current medical or supplemental coverage

  • Provides free, no-obligation hospital indemnity insurance quotes

What Does Hospital Indemnity Cover?

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Hospital Confinement

Hospital indemnity insurance coverage can be beneficial for patients who are confined in a hospital due to an injury or illness, or on the recommendation of a medical practitioner. The right hospital confinement policy will help cover the costs of hospitalization, whether or not surgery is deemed as necessary.

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Intensive & Critical Care

Patients that are hospitalized with heart-related problems or who require constant care often don’t have the necessary medical coverage to relieve the financial burden that comes from their hospital stay. Hospital indemnity plans can help pay for intensive and critical care expenses that aren't covered by health insurance plans.

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Tests, Appointments, & More

In general, most hospital indemnity plans cover hospital, ICU, and CCU confinement. There are some plans, however, that offer coverage for other hospitalization-related services. Some plans will help cover the costs of diagnostic tests, outpatient procedures, emergency room visits, and even ambulance services.

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We Can Help You Find the Best Hospital Indemnity Insurance Coverage

When it comes to hospital indemnity insurance, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan; each one is different in regards to the benefits and coverage it offers as well as its price point. The right plan for a patient is often determined by their state of health, the comprehensiveness of their employer-provided or privately purchased health insurance, their ability to cover unexpected out-of-pocket expenses, and the cost of a hospital indemnity plan over time. When considering whether or not to purchase any insurance policy, it’s important to understand the benefits, limitations, and cost. Our licensed insurance professionals perform all the necessary legwork to help clients determine if a hospital indemnity policy is right for them.

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Why You Need Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Hospital stays can burden even the healthiest of budgets. And in many cases, you can’t put off the care you need even if it pushes you financially. Even with a comprehensive health insurance plan, you are still responsible for copays and coinsurance. On top of that, you are still required to pay the annual deductible before your plan will start covering the cost of your care.

A hospital indemnity insurance plan provides payment for each day spent in the hospital—it can also cover some other qualified expenses as well. The money received from a hospital indemnity plan can be used as you choose, whether for hospital bills or those other costs that come up while you’re recovering. If you want maximum protection against unforeseeable injuries and illnesses, hospital indemnity coverage is worth considering. This is especially true if you have a high-deductible health insurance plan that will require you to meet a large deductible before your health benefits kick in.


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The average hospital stay exceeds $10,000. This can be alarming, especially for families with limited budgets, insurance coverage, or no insurance at all. It is not surprising that 60%-65% of all bankruptcies are related to medical expenses. Fortunately, purchasing hospital indemnity insurance will help cover the unexpected costs of hospital stays regardless of what your medical insurance covers. Contact Mocombe Financial Services to learn more information or if you are interested in purchasing a hospital indemnity plan.

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